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Make Your Social Media More Effective

Having an effective social media strategy is more than throwing posts out there and hoping they stick. It takes thought to develop a social media strategy that gets results. Wondering how can you maximize your social media strategy and make it more effective?

Here are our top tips:

1. Get Involved

It’s rarely enough to just post from your company page. We *highly* recommend you and your employees get involved by engaging with and ideally sharing your content that is being put out on your official pages. It’s been proven that when owners/employees take ownership in social media – it makes others take notice and get involved, too!

Staff members at Christian City (a CFC Client) often share posts on their personal pages, spreading them further.

2. Run Ads/Boost Posts

Have a special event coming up? Or maybe some company news that you really want more people to see? Social media advertising can be really effective- and easy, too! You can choose to simply boost an existing post, or run an entire ad campaign. It’s not guaranteed that everyone who follows your page will see your posts. Incorporating social ad spend into your marketing budgets is a surefire way to expand your reach.


You can see how much impact boosting this post made on client Christian City’s page made on the overall engagement and reach!

3. People Love People

It’s a common thread among all social media clients that photos and video featuring people within the organization or actively participating in the community get the most engagement. (Engagement = people liking/commenting/sharing.)

This post for client Newnan Utilities had a lot of engagement and featured photos of real people.


While we are totally prepared to hand-create content for you, we have found that clients that regularly provide us with photos of real people within their organization tend to have more engagement. More engagement on social media = more eyeballs and can mean more sales, and more calls to actions being followed through.

It is *social* media, after all! Make a dedicated effort to have people take photos while on the job, or maybe document a staff member’s birthday. People love to share in the celebration! 


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