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branding – more than a logo

Whether you are creating a brand from scratch or doing a full re-brand of your organization, we’ll be there every step of the way to help you create a new vision that will represent you beautifully as well as attract your desired target audience.

A branding effort is more than simply creating a logo – it involves many steps including researching your industry, developing precise messaging, and creating deliverables such as a full branding guide.



LISTEN and Research

  • We will evaluate your industry’s current landscape and conduct research, including interviewing key stakeholders to develop an idea of where your brand currently stands and what sets you apart so you can shine!

DEVELOP Strong Messaging

  • This includes creating a solid tagline as well as a positioning statement that distills your brand into a paragraph that conveys your overall message clearly yet descriptively.

CREATE the Visual Identity

  • Once research and messaging has been completed – it’s time to create the visual logo as well as set a color palette and appropriate typefaces to bring visual life to your brand.

DELIVER Brand Guidelines

  • We will create a brand guideline book that will help your organization implement the new branding successfully across all platforms.

Get a Fresh New Look

Let our branding experts deliver a stunning logo and branding package for you today!