CFC Web Design FAQ

by / Wednesday, 10 September 2014 / Published in Country Fried Creative FAQs, FAQ
Country Fried Creative- Atlanta, Peachtree City Web Design
  • How long does it take to complete a website?
    The average time to create a website with us is on average around 1-4 months, sometimes more and sometimes less. It really just depends on the exact project- depending on what you need, and how fast we are given content, it can go much slower or faster. When consulting with us, we will work together to create a schedule that works for all of us, and we like to give weekly updates on our progress, as well so you are always in the loop.
  • Why shouldn’t I just create my own website on Wix or GoDaddy?
    Your business is unique- your website should be, as well! Since your website is a 24/7 representation of your company, it’s important that it showcases you in the best light. Unfortunately, “Free” website services do anything but that most of the time.  When a prospective client views a website and there’s a “Create your own FREE Website NOW!” banner on the side- it doesn’t give off a very professional look. With these “Build it yourself” websites, you are also doing yourself a disservice when it comes to SEO. We all want to be high up on Google- but these sites are very detrimental to your overall SEO and you’ll have a hard time competing with other similar businesses. Not to mention the template are usually very generic and there is little room for customization. 
  • How is the cost of a website determined?
    The cost of a website is determined by many factors depending on what you need. Of course, a very basic informational site will cost less than a full E-Commerce store with loaded features. There’s also hosting costs and many other up-front costs involved, not to mention time! If you’re curious what it would cost to build your new website, give us a call. We’d love to chat and come up with an estimate for you! 
  • How does your payment system work?
    It depends on how your contract is set up. Often, clients prefer to pay monthly installments. We do ask for X% up front as an initial deposit, as well.
  • Can you help me write website content?
    Yes- we have writers on staff that would love to help you come up with the right content to flesh out your site.
  • Can you provide photos?
    Yes, we have a photographer on our team that we can employ if needed.
  • Will I own my website once it’s completed?
    Yes, the website will be yours.
  • What makes CFC different than other web developers around?
    We like to think that we have a well-rounded aspect to our team that is hard to beat. When years of technical expertise combine with a fresh creative eye, great things happen! We have a team of staff with various talents that all bring something special to the table. We all really care about what we do and commit ourselves to excellence 100%. Our process assure quality work, every time.
  • Can you design websites remotely without meeting face to face?
    Absolutely. The beauty of the internet makes it easy for us to coordinate an entire website design without ever meeting face to face! Although most 0f the time we will meet with the client one-on-one if you are in or near the Metro Atlanta area.
  • Are there any ongoing costs?
    It depends on your contract with us. Some clients like to have ongoing support- and some like to just keep it simple and handle content changes themselves. With hosting and WordPress upgrades, you may have some recurring costs which we would discuss with you during our consultations.