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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of
most common questions
we are asked:

How often do we manage site updates?

Any update can potentially break a website, so we prefer to wait until updates are vetted before installing them. It is truly impossible to keep every site 100% up to date. To address this, we make an update schedule and update sites as promptly as possible.

Do you provide photography services?

Yes, we have photographers in our network that will come out and take professional photos of your staff, products, or facility. Pricing plans are custom and depend on your individual needs.


If a custom photoshoot is not in your budget, we have access to a library of stock photos that are cleared for commercial use and we can select the perfect images to tell your story.

Do you provide videography services?

Yes, we have videographers in our network to help you create a custom video project for your website, ad campaign, or social media campaign. Pricing is dependent on several factors, so we’d love to chat about how we can help bring your ideas to life!


We also can edit existing video clips to turn them into something cohesive.

Website content- Can CFC make content for you?

While generally we ask clients to supply us with content, we are capable of creating content if needed. We can hire videographers, photographers, voice actors, etc, and create graphics and writing to meet your needs. However, when we can get content from a client, it helps our strategy in connecting with your target audience faster and more effectively.


Please be aware that content creation comes at a cost, and we do not provide content for our Country Fried Express projects, only organize and style the content given to us.

What kind of content do I need to provide for social media?

The most engaging content includes videos and photos including PEOPLE. Your clients go to social media to connect, not just be sold to! A photo or video clip that tells a story is always ideal. This could be a behind-the-scenes, a testimonial, a case study, something entertaining, something inspiring, things that people relate to. Think about the things YOU click on when scrolling.

Email hosting- what we recommend and what we can/can't do.

We don’t host emails, but we do recommend using Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365. We are not affiliated with either service, but if you’re interested in email hosting, Google Workspace costs between $6 and $18+, and Microsoft Office 365 costs between $5 and $20 per month.


We don’t host ourselves because email service providers like Gmail and Yahoo rarely allow emails to reach inboxes when sent from small email hosts. This is due to the hard-core validation requirements put in place to protect users from spammers. This validation process for small hosts is incredibly difficult due to having a small reputation.


We aren’t able to do email hosting, but we DO manage email newsletters and do email marketing. This includes constant contact with customers, branded templates, scheduled emails, contact list management, and more!

How to best contact CFC for help

For current clients: You can access our Helpdesk at any time by emailing, All of our employees have access to the Helpdesk so that the right person with the right set of skills will be able to meet your needs.


For prospective clients: Send us a message under the “Contact Us” bar on our website, or email us at 

How to adjust Basecamp notifications

On Desktop:

  • Go to your profile picture in the upper right corner
  • Click the blue underscored “change my notifications settings” link
  • Edit your preferences and click save

On Mobile:

  • Open the Basecamp app, and press the “Me” button in the bottom right corner
  • Press the blue settings icon in the upper left corner
  • Press “notification settings”
  • Edit your preferences and click “save” in the upper right corner

How do I get more engagement on social media?

The best way to get traction on your business’s social media is to engage the audience you already have and share posts from your business account to your personal accounts. People often want to support those they know and trust! Take a moment to invite your Facebook friends to like your page, broadcast it on your newsletter, and share posts whenever you can.


We also would recommend hosting giveaways and running ad campaigns to boost your presence and gain more followers.

What is digital marketing and why should I care about it?

Digital marketing is the process of reaching new and existing customers through online tools such as social media, websites, search engine optimization, and more! 


Technology improves every day, and your company’s marketing must grow with it to reach people. Digital marketing would allow your company to reach more customers for a lower cost than traditional marketing strategies. And, because of recent data analysis improvements, your advertisements are able to reach specific target markets, and the effectiveness of your marketing can be accurately measured.

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