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Meet The Team

Team of Experts

We’ve put together a fantastic team of professionals from diverse backgrounds to help bring your project to life. Among our professional staff, we are proud to partner with the Fayette County Educational System to develop young talent and prepare them for a career in the field! We are always recruiting. Interested in working for CFC? Send us an email.


Joe Domaleski


Lindsey Thompson

Vice President/Technical Director

Janine DeMichele Baggett

Vice President/Creative Director

Hollie Holder

Web Manager

Tammy Lanier

Marketing Manager

Diana Fry

Social Media Coordinator

Fran Glass

Senior Web Developer

Erica Strickland

Senior Designer

Yana Alpert

Web Specialist

Kelly Andreone

Graphic Artist

Kylee Veres

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Mia Scarbrough

Digital Content Specialist

Abby Paver

Graphic Design Intern

Julianne York

Digital Content Writer Intern

Interested in working WITH us? 

Send your resumé and portfolio to We are always actively looking for great talent to help out in the CFC kitchen as contractors, part-time, or full-time employees.