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At Country Fried Creative, we have a specific process that we like to use with each new client of ours. Through this systematic, streamlined approach, we can be sure that nothing has slipped through the cracks and that all of your needs as a client are met.

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Our ProcessFrom the CFC Kitchen

When working with a new client, we go through a specific process to ensure each need is met and you're left satisfied.


Determine Project Goals
Conduct Initial Interview
Analyze and Prepare Options
Present Proposal
Approve Contract and Begin Work

Design + Develop

Create and Present Design Treatments
Approve Overall Design
Develop Work Plan
Create Site Map, Stylesheets & Logo
Construct Web Pages
Create Site Media Objects
Integrate Components
Construct and Popular Database
Develop Business Logic & Application Code

Deploy + Maintain

Test Website With user Group
Make Needed Adjustments
Re-test Website
Gain Client Sign-Off
Go Live!
Keep Content Fresh and Relevant
Market the Website
Make Adjustments to Fix Issues
Expand Content/Depth as Needed
Measure Goal Attainment