Georgia Lobby

The website for Georgia Lobby is one of our most impressive projects to date.

While it’s more simplistic in design- this is a technical powerhouse built completely custom by our coding expert. Created in Drupal, it pulls information from the Capitol to a user database based on their preferences in real-time. It’s built for lobbyists who can’t always be at the capitol, but who want to be aware of all the committees and happenings. Users of this system have at their fingertips the link to every bill being considered sent to their cell phone or email inbox.

Features of the GA Lobby site:

  • Bill Board – A free service to legislators and lobbyist to track legislation of interest and to gauge public reaction to select legislation identified by the Legislators or lobbyist.
  • Board Watch – Georgia Lobby monitors the Committee Notice Boards on all floors of the Capitol. This includes committee notices and study committee notices.  We alert you to any new notices and changes to notices via email.
  • Government Watch – Government Watch is a year round service which primarily monitors State Departments and State agencies regarding public meetings.  This is vitally important for the lobbyists who monitor public policy which is non legislative in nature.
  • Bill Watch – This service is offered all year round. Georgia Lobby monitors specific bills as they move from First Readers to Committees to the House and Senate and final passage.  We alert you to any new notices and changes to notices via email.
  • Code Watch – Code Watch alerts the lobbyist to legislation that includes key words, phrases or code contained within legislation.  This customized service is critical for the lobbyist who wants to guarantee no legislation slips past his/her attention.  When Legislation “moves”, Code Watch identifies key words.
  • Client Watch Reports – This is a reporting tool used in conjunction with Bill Watch to report to clients concerning legislation followed.  It allows for the lobbyist to enter their own summaries of the legislation.