Sunny D Farms

Sunny D Farms, a family owned property, was purchased in 2007 to fulfill Mark’s dream to refurbish the working farm once owned by the Hutchinson family. Coming from an agricultural/ forestry background, Mark’s vision was to revitalize the well established pecan orchard, the stand of timber planted by the Kitchen family, and to create a vegetable and fruit garden for our family and friends to enjoy. After many months of love and labor, the farm began to take on a new form removing much of the overgrown trees and bushes that screened the beauty of this once viable farmland.

Today, Sunny D Farms is the location for many local weddings. We were excited to build their first website as their business grows. It’s always exciting to work with such gorgeous scenery and photography!

For their logo, we wanted to incorporate the main barn- which is the focal point of Sunny D Farms, and fully create a “Rustic chic” look with plenty of Southern Charm.