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  • How can I make my website number 1 in search results?
    There are so many factors that go into making your website #1- that there is no magic “secret” to getting at the top of Google. Depending on what type of business you may have- it can be harder or easier to get the top, as well. So it’s important to go into this with reasonable expectations. For example- if you are a local vitamin or health food store with a web presence- there’s no way that you’ll ever top Google with “vitamin store.” Vitamin Shoppe or GNC will come out on top always- no matter HOW hard you try.  The key is that you want to come up for “Vitamin Store Fayetteville.” Your target customers, if they want to find their local vitamin store- will be using that term.  Read on for exact ways you can get to the top of that search.
  • What will you do to improve my site search results?
    We have built-in software in each website that automatically helps boost your SEO. Even the act of updating your website in itself will help boost your rankings! Some clients opt-in to social media packages as well which we highly recommend- as they are very large in upping your SEO and improving your search results.
  • What do I need to do to improve my site search results?
    One key thing that helps with search results is having fresh content that is updated frequently- AKA keeping up a blog. We always recommend keeping up a blog to our clients. One obstacle for many people is figuring out what to write about. Think about it this way- what is the kind of information that you are an expert in that others will find helpful? What are the types of conversations you get into with your customers? There is always something you can write about! Even just updating your site with upcoming events and news can help with SEO.Another huge factor in increasing your own SEO is being active on social media. No- you don’t have to be an active participant in EVERY social media site- but at least having a few that are updated regularly are huge in helping your overall SEO! Whichever you pick- make sure to post frequent, quality content that isn’t all 100% promotion- but offers relatable and valuable content related to your field.
  • What are organic search results?
    Organic search results are results that are there from being related to the search terms, not paid advertisements. Many people are not aware that sometimes the top result is actually an ad through Google itself! So “organic” differentiates those that are not there as a result of ads.
  • What are paid search results?
    Paid search results are a result of the site owner paying for inclusion on the search engine.
  • How does online advertising work?
    One common way to use online advertising is to use Google Adwords, using the “cost-per-click” method- meaning that you only pay when people click on your ad. You’ll also choose your own keywords- which can sometimes have a higher value based on the competition. These ads can also be very finely tuned and targeted to specific demographics or location.
  • Which search engines matter?
    Google is king- with most people using that as their primary search engine. Bing and Yahoo are also used, just not quite as prevalently. But they are ones to keep in mind.
  • What is local search and how do I improve it?
    Local search is searching for a business locally- by not only searching for “nail salon” but by searching for “nail salon peachtree city.” This is what enables smaller, local businesses to get search results and higher visibility. You can improve your local search by posting fresh, relevant content on news and events or blogs, signing up for local directories, or get in with a Google Local Business Center.CFCSeoinfographic2png