Social Media FAQ

by / Wednesday, 10 September 2014 / Published in FAQ, Social Media FAQs
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  • What social media outlets matter?
    It depends on what kind of business you are, but more often that not Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest are the ones we like to focus on because you get the most “bang for your buck” and SEO influence from them.
  • How do I link my social media accounts?
    Click here for an easy way to link your Facebook posts to automatically go out to your Twitter account. If you wish to do the opposite- you can go to your Twitter settings, then link them to your Facebook from there.
  • How do I setup a Facebook page?
    Start Here, and then you will be asked various questions about what kind of page you’d like to create. From there, it’s pretty simple, and Facebook guides you throughout the entire process.
  • What things should I post on Facebook?
    First, you need to think about what your main purpose of your page is. Is it to educate your audience about events? To promote products? To create a community to talk about various topics? Each of things determines the kind of posts you should make. But as a general rule, mixing it up with photos, text posts, links, and videos will create better results than focusing on one type of post. Also, it’s important to maintiain frequency and consistency, and have an air of authenticity. If you’re posting once a month, you aren’t likely to get much engagement. And if every post is “salesy,” you will also turn away your audience. Remember- social media is SOCIAL so ask questions, answer questions, and spark conversation!
  • How do I use Instagram?
    Instagram is actually a phone app that is immensely popular and is photo based. Think of it like Facebook- but only the photos! For certain businesses, it’s very influential if used correctly. We recommend posting well-composed photos and graphics relevant to your business, and following/interacting with similar users. You can also search specific “hashtags” to find people to interact with. You’ll often find the more you interact with others, the more they will be willing to engage with you and your brand! It’s a very popular community with very specific niches. It’s possible your business would thrive there, but of course, it’s not for every single business. (For example, a law firm woudn’t succeed as well on Instagram as a vintage dress boutique.)
  • How do I use Pinterest?
    Pinterest is basically an online “pin board” where you can collect all of your favorite images and articles across the web. The best way to thrive on Pinterest is to “pin” lots of things you are interested in, whether they are found in Pinterest archives, or anywhere else on the web. Search the “Popular” Category, and you will see what kind of posts attract attention. Pinterest is huge for bloggers and is focused on stunning photos and imagery. Create specific “Boards” for different aspects of your business and start collecting images. If you are lucky to get images (ideally ones you’ve created) popular- you will see a lot of attention and web traffic to your site! It’s worth experimenting with for any business.
  • How do I use Google+?
    While not a lot of people talk about being on Google+ necessarily- it’s excellent for SEO. If you have a Gmail address- you already have a Google+ account. Use it to create a Business page and post there like you would post on Facebook-they operate very similarly. You can also add people and other businesses to your “Circles” or join communities.
  • How do I use Twitter?
    Twitter is excellent for communicating points smartly and succinctly. Since you’re only limited to 140 characters per post- it’s important to get your point across quickly! There is a huge userbase on Twitter with many different niches. Like Instagram, you can use hashtags to search for similar topics and users and interact with them to find yours. The key is to put out information that people will want to Retweet or share to get your message out and to get more followers.
  • How do I improve my social media reputation?
    The first thing you want to do is make sure your profile is optimized correctly with your logo/photos. There is nothing that screams “I don’t know how to work this thing!” like a default avatar. Then, make sure you fill out all relevant information like website, bio, etc. This helps make you more credible. Another important thing is to make sure you get a feel for the social network before you start posting. Also, authenticity is key. People don’t like to constantly be bombarded with sales and ads. Don’t be afraid to be human and reveal personal things, or get “off-topic” a little bit here and there. And the final thing- make sure to check your spelling and grammar!
  • What should I do about negative online comments or bad reviews?
    Nobody likes negative comments on their social media accounts and it can be worrisome to deal with. Have no fear- there are several things you can do to prevent this. Facebook has a “Ban” feature that allows you to permanently ban specific users. You also have the ability to simply delete comments. For reviews, you can dispute a review with Facebook headquarters if you think it is unfounded, or simply remove your review section if you have troublemakers that won’t leave you alone. If you get a random negative review that is an actual, honest review- we recommend settling it with the individual to show that you are taking care of them. On the other social media networks there are also “Block” features put in place to allow you to easily get rid of negaivity.

If Social Media is confusing to you- let us help! We offer social media consulting and planning.