Sweet Extras!


Crucial for restaurants! Let us help you set up and flesh out your Yelp profile including as many helpful details as possible.  We will also analyze your competitors’ ratings and figure out what’s important to your local customer base. What do they rate you highly for? What do they rate poorly for? These are crucial benchmarks to make sure you are aware of. We can also provide you with analytics to see how your business is doing on Yelp and how we can possibly improve.

Consider running a Yelp Ad or Yelp Deal to further promote your business. Especially for restaurants, in this digital age Yelp is proving to be a huge resource for restaurant goers. This is a great way to take advantage of it.

We can create a custom plan to fit your needs if you choose to include Yelp in your social media marketing strategy.


Do you need help figuring out how to blog effectively? Do you not have time to write a blog yourself? Keeping a blog on your site is an excellent way to keep your SEO rankings high and keep your audience engaged with your brand. There are a few options we offer when it comes to blogging:

Let us help you develop a strategy. If you definitely want to start a blog, but you’re unsure of the types of blog articles you should be writing, we can help analyze your competitors and find out what your audience wants, then help create an effective posting strategy for you and you can take it from there.

Let us write your blog posts for you. We have experience in copywriting and can create posts in the topic of your choice for you on an agreed upon schedule. Or, we can write a pre-determined amount of posts for you.

Let us edit your posts for you. If you want to write your posts yourself as you’re very knowledgeable in your area of work but aren’t confident in your writing style or want to make your articles have a more blog-friendly tone, let us help. This is especially helpful when it comes to very technical information. Let us help you make your information socially-shareable and easier to digest.

We can create a custom plan to fit your needs if you choose to include Blogging in your social media marketing strategy.