WordPress FAQ

by / Wednesday, 10 September 2014 / Published in FAQ, Wordpress FAQs
  • What is WordPress?
    WordPress is probably the most prevalent open source blogging and website content management system (CMS) out there. Basically, it creates a user-friendly “back-end” of the website for you, making it much simpler to update posts, add photos, and make website content changes. We use WordPress for our clients because we feel it is the most intuitive interface, and it is the most technically supported. WordPress is also home to a rich theme and plug-in marketplace, making it easier than ever to build your site to your exact specifications.
  • What is the difference between a page and post?
    A Page is what we call a “static” page that has a permanent home on your website. For example,  “Contact” and “About Us” sections would be considered Pages.A Post is an entry that is listed in reverse chronological order on your site. For example, posts are mainly used in the “Blog” section. They are also displayed in the RSS feed. They usually display a timestamp and are updated more frequently.
  • How do I upload photos?
    To upload a photo, you will first log-in to your WordPress Dashboard. Then find “Media” on the left toolbar, Hover over that, and click “Add New.”Click “Select Files” and search for the file(s) you wish to upload to your site. After you select the files, click “Open” or press Enter and they will automatically download. Now they are on the server and can be added to any page or post! If you wish, you can also enter photos directly while you are editing a page or post. You should see a “Upload Media” button as you’re editing.
  • How do I create a slider?The specific instructions on adding a Slider to your site may be different depending on the specific design of your site. We will provide you with training materials to let you know exactly how to do so when we are finished! Often, you will be able to find slider settings in the “Options” area, or in the Homepage area. Some back-end systems may even have its own designated “Sliders” section. It’s relatively simple and straightforward! However, we do recommend using HIGH resolution photos for sliders since they tend to be large and if they aren’t large enough or high enough resolution, it may stretch your photo or make it blurry. We can help you with photo manipulation if you need.
  • How do I install / update a plug-in?
    Find the “Plugins” tab on your Dashboard. If you purchased the plug-in already, you can select “Add New Plugin” and upload the .exe file. Then click “Activate.” Often, the plugin will need to be configured to work as advertised.To update- it’s as simple as clicking “Update Plugin” in the Plugin Dashboard.

    *Note* While it seems relatively easy to install plugins- we really recommend at least notifying us first or letting us take care of it if you are a client of ours. We have had instances where incompatible plugins caused the website to crash- we’d rather be able to fix it immediately than have you panic, or have website down time.