Recipes For Success

Thank you for choosing Country Fried Creative to build your website! We do our best to set our clients up for success, so here are a few training tips to help you do some basic edits to your website.

Let’s Get Started With The Basics

When your website goes live, a Country Fried Team Member will share a document with you that contains your login URL (the website address you go to for logging in) and your new username and password. Furthermore, You will need this to access the backend of your new WordPress Website.

Moreover, If you do not have this document, please contact us at


Before you can make any changes to your website, you will need to log in to WordPress to access your content.

Using the document our team provided you, go online and visit the login URL you were given. Then, you will be prompted for a username and password. Enter that information and complete the site reCaptcha.

After you have entered that information and logged in successfully, you will be taken to the backend of the WordPress website.

You are now successfully logged in to the website!


Once you log in, you will be redirected to the dashboard. Visit your homepage again and you will see a black user menu at the top of your website page. Navigate to the page that you would like to edit and then click “Enable Visual Editor” with a purple “D” icon next to it in the top user menu.

Enabling the visual builder allows you to edit the page by clicking the element you would like to edit easily, whether it’s text, images, or whatever else is on the page.

*Please note that clicking “Edit Page” will also take you to the backend of the page, but you will still need to activate the Visual Editor – using the classic editor will break the page design.


After accessing the backend of the page you would like to make changes on, scroll down on the page with the editor enabled and hover over the text you would like to edit. A dark grey menu bar will show up – click the gear icon to edit that text section. This will open a little window where you can edit the text in a text editor.

Once you have edited your text, click the save button on the small editing window, it’s the green button in the left bottom corner with a checkmark.
Always make sure to save your page changes on the purple section at the bottom of the page by clicking the green save button. If you only see a purple circle with 3 white dots, click that and it should open the page menu with the save button (example below). After you have completed your changes and saved everything, click “Exit Visual Builder” at the top of the page. This will reload the page like normal.


Changing photos on the website is as easy as changing text. Enable the visual builder, find the image you would like to change – and hover over it. Click the gear icon on the dark grey popup menu.

A similar dialog box will pop up just like when you are text editing. Then, click your image and it will allow you to choose an image from the media files or upload a new image.
After you choose your new image, remember to click the green check button in the bottom right corner of the image editing box.
In addition, don’t forget to save your changes on the page by clicking the green “SAVE” button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen and exit the visual builder.


Most WordPress sites,store static content like images from a website to make your subsequent visits faster. Sometimes they don’t rebuild the cache immediately after a web page has changed. Instead of fetching a fresh copy, they may still reload the page from the cached version. Clearing the page’s cache or the entire site cache will clear out the old data, so the new elements show up on the page.

There are other times where the site’s theme may try to “minimize” CSS/JS code, that can make images disappear or pages look broken. Deleting the site’s cache and the minified CSS/JS will normally fix this issue.*

To clear your website’s cache, simply login to the WordPress dashboard and navigate to WPFC on the top menu bar. Then, you will see a jaguar head icon and the letters “WPFC”. If you hover over this, a dropdown will apprear. To clear the cache of the current page you are on, select/click “Delete Cache” (see screenshot attached for a visual example). To clear cache for entire site (recommended), select/click “Delete Cache and Minified CSS/JS”. This should clear your site’s cache and you should be able to see the changes after you log out of WordPress.

*If you are still seeing errors or old content after Deleting the Cache and Minified CSS/JS, please contact us at our CFC Helpdesk and our team will troubleshoot the issue.