The “Anti-Cookie Cutter Agency”

Mar 31, 2023 | Marketing Strategy

So, why are we the anti-cookie cutter agency? Because we care about you, our client! Have you been following our social media lately? If so, you may have seen that we recently launched a new branch of our business: Country Fried Cookies. However, this was actually part of our annual April Fool’s campaign. We wanted to show our clients some love by baking them homemade cookies and emphasizing a key aspect of our real business model:

Custom Solutions!

While we don’t talk about being “cookie cutter” that often, it is relevant to our work as a digital marketing agency. We understand that the tools in our business are essentially the same, no matter who you work with. However, unlike other agencies, we don’t try to plug your business needs into our pre-existing plans. Instead, we create custom solutions based on your individual needs.

So, how does it work?

It starts with our sales process. Our small business development team is focused on solution-based selling, meaning we listen to your needs before we offer solutions. Prospective clients schedule a discovery call with one of our team members, during which we take a deeper dive into your current marketing and overall business goals. This allows us to pull the “ingredients” you need for a customized marketing plan.

Once we understand your goals and the list of tools we’ll be using, we can create a custom “recipe” to help you meet those goals.

This involves creative campaign creation, engaging content strategies, laser-focused targeting, and crystal-clear brand recognition. We understand that whether your goal is broad-based, such as awareness campaigns, or fiscally focused, such as lead generation, you need your business to stand out from the crowd. And that doesn’t happen by doing things the same way as everyone else.

By baking in your unique voice, offerings, and staff, we help your audience connect with you in a more impactful way. Our marketing is 100% centered around you, so the results are 100% what you’re looking for! If you’re frustrated with generalized marketing that checks the boxes but doesn’t reflect who you are, we’re here to help. That is why we are the anti-cookie cutter agency. Schedule your discovery call today and start building your custom solution strategies with our team!