Digital Marketing: Why Should I Care About It?

Aug 10, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Web Design

Digital marketing is the process of reaching new and existing customers. This is done via online tools such as social media, websites, search engine optimization, and more! It is a blanket word for the many sub-categories of internet marketing listed above.

Why should I care?

In the past year, have you come across a single business without any online presence? Probably not. Almost every business has some kind of digital presence, whether it is a fully developed website or a messy Facebook page.

So, how do you curate an online presence?

We’re here to help you with that. If you follow us through the digital marketing roadmap, firstly, you will do branding with us and build a website. Then, we will lead your company through social media marketing, SEO/SEM, email marketing, content marketing, advertising, print/promotional, and analytics. These facets of digital marketing are all designed to scale awareness of your business.

Having a large and cohesive digital presence allows more customers access to your goods and services. Technology improves every day, and your company’s marketing must grow with it to reach people. Almost all people search for a company online before being involved with them. People go to Google before all else to find something they need. 

Digital marketing allows companies to reach more customers at a low cost.

For most digital marketing campaigns, engagement or views determine price. By utilizing digital target market practices, these views can be reduced to those who are likely to buy from your company. This lowers costs and increases the probability of a sale.


Sales and marketing are not the same and one doesn’t always lead to the other. Purchasing a digital marketing package does not guarantee sales, but it does guarantee exposure to potential customers.

You Can Measure Your digital success.

Because of recent data analysis improvements, your advertisements are able to reach specific target markets. The effectiveness of your marketing can be accurately measured with this new technology as well.

Successful marketing campaigns can look different depending on the goal of your business. We can hyper-customize campaigns to align with your business goals whether they are to find employees, get the word out about your new business, retain and attract customers, find donations, etc. A few indicators of digital success are found in analytics- If your social media engagement, link clicks, or average website time are increasing, the campaign is doing well.

Whether you’re entering the digital world for your business for the first time, or trying to take your online presence to the next level it’s important to understand:

  1. A digital marketing campaign is a long journey through our roadmap. It is full of many small pieces that all tie into a bigger picture: Your goal.
  2. Your customers are looking online and need to be able to find you. Without a digital presence you could be losing a large amount of potential customers who otherwise will not hear of your company. Nowadays people see a company as illegitimate if it cannot be found on Google. To keep your company in high regard, adapting to technological changes is a great idea which will help you take advantage of the opportunities the internet has to offer.
  3. While marketing isn’t sales, creating a targeted marketing plan to increase your exposure and online presence will help you speak to those interested in your services and measure your success.

We do all of the above for our clients every day. Schedule a consultation to see how you can take your digital marketing to the next level and #GetCountryFried!