Maximizing Your Social Media

Sep 15, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Social Media

So, you’ve got a social media presence and regular content going out. How do you turn that into an engaged, growing audience?


Make sure you and everyone within your organization is following your company’s social media accounts.

Announce it in your company meetings and internal communications. Put links on your website and social media icons on your print material. Give people incentives with coupons for following. It helps!



The most effective social media accounts are the ones where those within the organization are engaged.

Members who comment, like, and share posts on their personal pages help the account grow. What type of content would make you PROUD to share? That is what you should be focusing on.



Bring people to your socials via invite links!

Did you know you are able to invite people to your Facebook page? You can even do it in bulk! This is a great way to get the word out to your personal network. Have your staff do it also!



A surefire way to get followers is to run giveaways on your social media accounts.

We often recommend this to our clients. What are some things you’re willing to give away? Maybe this is an opportunity to support a local business too? (Meaning: They would be sharing the giveaway also!) It’s a win-win!



Every person or business on every post should be tagged!

As often as possible, tag other users and organizations that are in or related to your posts. That will often prompt them to share that post, and will get you more engagement!


Download our infographic below and share!