Reelect Lee Hunter Case Study

Jan 30, 2024 | Case Studies, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy

 Passionate community leader, Lee Hunter, was gearing up for re-election on the Coweta Fayette EMC board. There was just one hitch – Lee was missing crucial tools in his arsenal. No logo, no social media buzz, and a tough competitor in the mix.

He needed to get Country Fried!

First, we dove into the world of branding. We created a beautiful streamlined logo that tied in with the EMC’s vision and was bold, modern, and effective.

Next, we crafted a landing page with voting dates, Lee’s platform, and a path to make informed decisions.

And then for some more direct connection, we designed a postcard mailer-  a tangible piece of Lee’s campaign landing right in the hands of the community. Each mailer carried a QR code, a simple scan away from diving deeper into Lee’s vision. 


On social, we created a brand new Facebook page for him, and compelling posts that reached nearly 3,000 people in just 8 weeks. 

 Those mailers weren’t just received; they were interacted with – 91 scans of engagement and curiosity from potential voters.

But the true victory?

Lee won his re-election. It wasn’t just a win; it was a testament to the power of connection, storytelling, and community.

It’s always amazing how thoughtful branding, strategic digital presence, and heartfelt outreach can create waves of change. It’s a story we are proud to tell and eager to replicate.

Are you ready to write your story of success with us?

Let’s make it memorable, just like we did for Lee Hunter.

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