RURL Brand Case Study

Jan 30, 2024 | Case Studies, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy

RURL Brand is an apparel brand meant to serve rural America. An offshoot of the successful Farmhouse Printing, these items are crafted right here in their Haralson, GA office. 

We’ve used Farmhouse several times- you may have noticed our awesome stainless steel water bottles and coffee tumbler? They’re among some of our favorite merch!

To get in front of the right people, RURL needed more than just great products; they needed a voice, a strategy, and the ability to resonate with their audience.

Our Role:

  • Crafting a Strategy: We began by developing a robust social media strategy, tailored to RURL Brand’s unique identity and goals.
  • Setting Up Analytics: Knowledge is power. We established an analytics dashboard to track progress and sales, turning data into insights.
  • Content Creation: We became the storytellers of RURL Brand, utilizing a blend of existing photographs and product shots to weave a narrative that resonated with their audience.

Impact and Growth:

The results are amazing so far:

  • An amazing 1896% increase in sales post our content initiation.
  • A significant 145.69% boost in web traffic.
  • Most web visits originated organically from social platforms, especially Facebook.
  • A remarkable 254% surge in Facebook page engagement.

Looking Forward:

While we’re still at the dawn of our collaboration with RURL Brand, and we have many more exciting plans for content creation, the numbers speak volumes. It’s amazing what a little bit of strategy and consistency can do! 

RURL Brand’s journey with us is a vivid example of how a thoughtful approach to social media can not only enhance online presence but also drive tangible business results.

Are you ready to embark on a similar journey of transformation and growth?

Let’s write your success story together.

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