Newnan-Coweta Habitat for Humanity Case Study

Jan 30, 2024 | Case Studies, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy

The Challenge:

NCHFH approached us with a noble mission but faced challenges in expanding its reach and elevating awareness for donations and volunteer participation. Their previous attempts lacked consistency and failed to channel the passion behind their cause effectively. Our task was clear—to reshape their approach and magnify their impact in the 2023 season.

Our Solutions:

To revitalize NCHFH’s efforts, we implemented a multi-faceted approach. We designed a sleek landing page, serving as a beacon for potential donors and volunteers. Social media templates, infused with the organization’s identity, brought cohesion to their online presence. A captivating video ad became the driving force, leading traffic to the new landing page and fostering engagement.

A Testimonial from NCHFH:

In the words of NCHFH, “The team really responded to what we were doing. They got excited about the message we were putting out into the community, and they just made it so easy for us. They produced beautiful copy, and wonderful graphics. They helped us put our whole campaign together—they built a beautiful trifold for us. They’re super responsive. They’re on top of their game, and they made my life a lot easier.”

Successful Outcome:

Our joint efforts yielded tangible results, with NCHFH achieving its most successful Giving Tuesday, securing an impressive $12,000 in donations. Social media engagement experienced a notable boost, fostering a community rallying around the cause. The landing page saw a substantial increase in traffic, serving as an effective conduit for compassion.

Our role extended beyond marketing; together, we laid the groundwork for a brighter future—one where communities unite for a shared goal, turning challenges into opportunities. The success of NCHFH’s campaign stands not only as a demonstration of our expertise but also as a tribute to the resilience and generosity of those committed to making a meaningful impact.

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