Creative Community Services Case Study

Jan 30, 2024 | Case Studies, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy

When Creative Community Services (CCS) approached us, their social media presence was an untapped resource. With a muddled brand identity and inconsistent efforts, they needed a game plan to step into the spotlight and make a real impact in foster care and special needs care.

Our approach was straightforward but effective.

We crafted a comprehensive social media strategy guide, equipped them with brand-identifying templates, and laid out a content calendar that took out the guesswork. We also provided them an analytics dashboard to keep tabs on their progress.



The data? It speaks volumes.

LinkedIn page impressions shot up by 118%, Facebook page impressions went through the roof with a 366% increase, and Facebook engaged users soared by an impressive 557%. Not to be outdone, Instagram page impressions climbed by a solid 379%. These aren’t just numbers; they’re concrete results, marking the path to a beefed-up online presence and a burgeoning social media footprint for CCS.


Heightened awareness and increased engagement.

We helped cut through the noise and turned their social media game around, with impactful numbers paving the way for increased awareness and engagement in their crucial work.



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