4 Ways Keeping Track of your Analytics Will Help you Get the Most Out of your Website

Jun 24, 2022 | Analytics, Digital Marketing, Web Design

Building a website is an undertaking on its own, but launching the finished product isn’t the end of the journey. To properly utilize your website and get the most out of it, you’re gonna have to take a look behind the curtain and keep up with your website analytics. Not everyone likes analytics, and there’s no doubt that they can be complicated, but monitoring them and understanding what they mean in relation to your website will help you use your website more efficiently, drive more traffic, and assist in growing your business overall.

Here are 4 Ways Keeping Up With Your Analytics Will Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Website

Capitalize on content visitors like:

Looking at your analytics, you can see which pages are visited more, where users spend their time on your website, and what visitors are interacting with the most. Knowing what content is most popular among your visitors will allow you to build a strategy that capitalizes on it. For instance, you could add more content to your website that’s similar to your popular content, drive people to your popular pages with links throughout your website, advertise on social media or in search using links that go back to popular pages, and so on. Knowing what your visitors like allows you to give them more of what they want, which will drive traffic and help you grow your website overall.

Improve user experience and appeal:

Checking in on your analytics can help improve user experience in a couple of different ways. First, you can ensure that your website is technically performing well and that there aren’t, or are, issues that need your attention. Second, you can learn about the demographics of your website users, allowing you to plan for content and build strategies that will appeal to them. See, it’s not just important to know what your users like on your website, it’s also important to know who they are and what their interests are beyond your site. Knowing that might give you ideas for new content, customize your site to appeal to users, allow you to try new strategies, and much more.

Track where people are coming from:

One of the most important things to watch when tracking analytics is where your users came from. Through Google Analytics, you’re not only able to see which portions of your visitors came from other sites, from searches, etc., but you can also see the specific sites they came from and the keywords they used to find you. Having that information will be immensely helpful in understanding your SEO standing, crafting effective strategies, and knowing where to focus your energy when it comes to working on your website. For instance, if the majority of your traffic is coming from referrals, you might want to put some more work into your SEO to improve search rankings and increase traffic from there. If your traffic is mostly coming from search, you might want to think about SEM and other online advertising to increase referral traffic.

Improve SEO and website through strategic decision-making:

Keeping track of your website analytics will give you all kinds of insights allowing you to make informed, smart decisions about how to move forward. Even better though, you can connect your Google Analytics to other

Google services like Google Ads and Search Console to get all the information you need about your website in one place. You can see how ads are performing, who your website’s reaching, what users are searching to find your website, and how effective your keywords are. Altogether, these integrations and the insights they’ll provide you will help you create and implement the most effective strategy for your website, boosting SEO and allowing you to make the best decisions you can.