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Don’t worry, we’re not packing up the business and moving away. It’s almost summertime and many of our team members are planning for a well-earned summer vacation. We decided to make vacation time the theme of our late spring/summer marketing with a campaign called “CFC Hits the Road”.   Here at Country

There’s a time-tested piece of business advice that I learned from a mentor years ago called the “90-Day Rule”. The basic idea is that you can expect to see results 90 days after implementing a change, new program, or initiative. This rule has served me well over the years when

As we approach the mid-point of the year I always reflect on the past and think about the future. "It’s hard to believe that I’ve been in the workforce for over thirty years, nearly twenty of those years building our business". - Country Fried Creative. We’re looking forward to celebrating our 20th year

Here at Country Fried Creative (CFC) we’re often asked about how to “get the word out” and “tell our story.” There’s no shortage of books, podcasts, and internet articles about marketing. We knew that the best way to answer that question was to put something together that was memorable and